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[1701Paul Pichler and Flora Lutz: Liquidity risk and financial stability regulation, April 2017

[1702] Owen Powell and Natalia Shestakova: The robustness of mispricing results in experimental asset markets, May 2017

[1703] Daniel Garcia: Dynamic Pricing with Search Frictions, May 2017

[1705Maarten Janssen and Santanu Roy: Regulating False Disclosure, May 2017

[1704Shinsuke Ikeda and Takeshi Ojima: Tempting Goods, Self-Control Fatigue, and Time Preference in Consumer Dynamics, June 2017

[1706] Simon Martin and Karl H. Schlag: Finite Horizon Holdup and How to Cross the River, September 2017

[1707] Bernhard Kasberger and Karl H. Schlag: Robust Bidding in First-Price Auctions: How to Bid without Knowing what Otheres are Doing, September 2017

[1708] Eeva Mauring: Informational Cycles in Search Markets, October 2017



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