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We welcome our new department colleagues

Marc Goni-Trafach, Paul Pichler, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler and Mathias Staudigl

Marc Goñi is joining us from Universitat Pompeu Fabra where he was supervised by Hans-Joachim Voth. 

Marc works at the intersection between labor economics and economic history. He is interested in the interactions between marriage patterns, inequality, and fertility. To examine these issues, he turns to "the world’s most exclusive marriage market" --- the London Season, where the high society of Victorian Britain sent their offspring to find Mr. and Mrs. Right.

Marc is Spanish, is passionate about history, and enjoys reading and cycling. When asked about why he has accepted our offer he says, “The University of Vienna has a very bright, research oriented, and dynamic Economics Department. The faculty is genuinely nice and helpful. I am also excited at the prospect of living in the marvelous city of Vienna.”

Paul Pichler is joining us from the Oesterreichische Nationalbank where he still holds a part time position as a Research Economist in the Economic Studies Division. He graduated from the University of Vienna in 2007 and worked at our 

department as a Post Doc until 2010. His research interests are mainly in acroeconomics but also include Competition Policy and Industrial Organization. Paul has recently worked on the interaction of monetary and fiscal policy and the

sustainability of government debt. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Paul is also a passionate runner with a special fondness for the marathon.

Philipp Schmidt-Dengler is joining us from the University of Mannheim. He obtained his PhD from Yale in 2005 and subsequently taught at the London School of Economics. His research interests are Competition Policy, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, and Applied Microeconomics. He is particularly interested in empirical studies of strategic interaction.

Philipp is a member of the editorial board of the Review of Economic Studies, an asscociate editor of the Journal of 

Applied Econometrics and the Journal of the European Economic Association, and a Co-editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Philipp says: "I was born in  Vienna and hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Vienna. After almost 15 years of studying and working abroad, I am very happy to return to my hometown and work for my alma mater."

Mathias Staudigl is visiting the Department from the Center for Mathematical Economics, at Bielefeld University. His research deals with various topics in economic theory, in particular game theory, and applied mathematics.

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