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Journal Articles 2010

Clemenz, Gerhard, (2010), Eco-Labeling and Horizontal Product Differentiation, Environmental & Resource Economics, 45, issue 4, p. 481-497.

Costantini, Mauro with Auteri, Monica, (2010), A Panel Cointegration Approach to Estimating Substitution Elasticities in Consumption, Economic Modelling, 27, issue 3, p. 782-787.

Dierker, Hildegard with Dierker, Egbert, (2010), Drèze Equilibria and Welfare Maxima, Economic Theory, 45, issue 1-2, p. 55-63.

Dierker, Hildegard with Dierker, Egbert, (2010), Welfare and Efficiency in Incomplete Market Economies with a Single Firm, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 46, p. 652-665.

Janssen, Maarten C.W., with Karamychev, Vladimir A., (2010), Do Auctions select Efficient Firms?, The Economic Journal120, issue 549, p. 1319-1344.

Janssen, Maarten C.W., with Roy, Santanu, (2010), Signaling Quality Through Prices in an Oligopoly, Games and Economic Behavior, 68, issue 1, p. 192-207.

Janssen, Maarten C. W., with Karamychev, Vladimir A. and Maasland, Emiel, (2010), Simultaneous Pooled Auctions with Multiple Bids and Preference Lists, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE), 166, issue 2, p. 286-298.

Mayr, Karin, (2010), Optimal Deficit and Debt in the Presence of Foreign Aid, World Development, 38, issue 1, p. 19-27.

Merz, Monika, (2010), Comment on "Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers", by T. Monacelli, R. Perotti, A, Trigari, Journal of Monetary Economics, 57, issue 5, p. 554-556.

Müller, Wieland with Schotter, Andrew, (2010), Workaholics and Dropouts in Organizations, Journal of the European Economic Association, 8, issue 4, p. 717-743.

Peev, Evgeni with Gugler, Klaus, (2010), Institutional Determinants of Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities in Transition Economies, Comparative Economic Studies, 52, issue 1, p. 62-81.

Podczeck, Konrad, (2010), On Existence of Rich Fubini Extensions, Economic Theory, 45, issue 1-2, p. 1-22.

Powell, Owen, with Noussair, Charles N., (2010), Peaks and valleys: Price Discovery in Experimental Asset Markets with Non-Monotonic Fundamentals, Journal of Economic Studies, 37, issue 2, p. 152-180.

Powell, Owen, with Magnus, Jan R. and Prüfer, Patricia, (2010), A Comparison of Two Model Averaging Techniques with an Application to Growth Empirics, Journal of Econometrics, 154, issue 2, p. 139-153.

Raffer, Kunibert, (2010), Neoliberal Capitalism: A Time Warp Backwards to Capitalism’s Origins? Forum for Social Economics, 39.

Raffer, Kunibert, (2010), Insolvenz für Staaten - eine rechtsstaatliche und wirtschaftliche Notwendigkeit, Ecolex - Fachzeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht, 5, p. 435-439.

Roessler, Christian, with Menezes, Flavio, (2010), Good and Bad Consistency in Regulatory Decisions. Economic Record, 86, issue 275, p. 504-516.

Schlag, Karl H., with Renou, Ludovic, (2010), Minimax Regret and Strategic Uncertainty, Journal of Economic Theory, 145, issue 1, p. 264-286.

Schlag, Karl H., with Bornhorst, Fabian, and Ichino, Andrea, and Kirchkamp, Oliver, and Winter, Eyal, (2010), Similarities and Differences when Building Trust: the Role of Cultures, Experimental Economics, 13, issue 3, p. 260-283.

Schlag, Karl H., with Giordani, Paolo E. and Zwar, Sanne, (2010), Decision Makers Facing Uncertainty: Theory Versus Evidence, Journal of Economic Psychology, 31, issue 4, p. 659-675.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Van Long, Ngo, (2010),  A Dynamic Principal-agent Problem as a Feedback Stackelberg Differential Game, Central European Journal of Operations Research, 18, issue 4, p. 491-509.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Reuben, Ernesto, (2010), Everyone is a Winner: Promoting Cooperation Through All-can-win Intergroup Competition, European Journal of Political Economy, 26, issue 1, p. 25-35.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Rauchdobler, Julian, and Sausgruber, Rupert, (2010), Voting on Thresholds for Public Goods: Experimental Evidence, FinanzArchiv: Public Finance Analysis, 66, issue 1, p. 34-64.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Huck, Steffen and Lünser Gabriele, (2010), Consumer Networks and Firm Reputation: A First Experimental Investigation, Economic Letters, 108, issue 2, p. 242-244.

Weidenholzer, Simon, with Apesteguia, Jose, and Huck, Steffen, and Oechssler, Jörg, (2010), Imitation and the Evolution of Walrasian Behavior: Theoretically Fragile but Behaviorally Robust, Journal of Economic Theory, 145, issue 5, p. 1603-1617.

Weidenholzer, Simon, (2010), Coordination Games and Local Interactions: A Survey of the Game Theoretic Literature, Games, 1, issue 4, p. 551-585.

Weigel, Wolfgang, (2010), Zur Zukunft des Wohlfahrtsstaates – eine rechtsökonomische Meditation, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 1, p. 25-34.

Wick, Katharina, with Sarr, Mare, (2010) Resources, Conflict and Development Choices: Public Good Provision in Resource Rich Economies, Economics of Governance, 11, issue 2, p. 183-205.

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