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Journal Articles 2011

Costantini, Mauro with Cerqueti, Roy, (2011), Testing for Rational Bubbles in the Presence of Structural Breaks: Evidence from Nonstationary Panels, Journal Banking and Finance, 35, issue 10, p. 2598-2605.

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Fadinger, Harald, (2011), Productivity Differences in an Interdependent World, Journal of International Economics, 84, p. 221-232.

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Nermuth, Manfred, (2011), Competing in Several Areas Simultaneously: The Case of Stratetic Asset Markets, Games, 2, p. 209-234.

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Schlag, Karl with Renou, Ludovic, (2011), Implementation in Minimax Regret Equilibrium, Games and Economic Behavior, 71, issue 2, p. 527-533.

Sorger, Gerhard, (2011), Horizontal innovations with Endogenous Quality Choice, Economica, 78, issue 312, p. 697-722.

Tyran, Jean-Robert with Kamei, Kenju and Putterman, Louis, (2011) Public Goods and Voting on Formal Sanction Schemes, Journal of Public Economics, 95, issue 9, p. 1213-1222.

Tyran, Jean-Robert with Morton, Rebecca, (2011), Let the Experts Decide? Asymmetric Information, Abstention, and Coordination in Standing Committees, Games and Economic Behavior, 72, p. 485-509.

Tyran, Jean-Robert with Sausgruber, Rupert, (2011), Are We Taxing Ourselves? How Deliberation and Experience Shape Voting on Taxes, Journal of Public Economics, 95, issue 1-2, p. 164-176.

Weigel, Wolfgang, (2011), Gedankensplitter zu einer rechtsökonomischen Analyse des verwaltungsstrafrechtlichen Tatbestands Betteln, Journal für Rechtspolitik, 19, isuue 1, p. 81-91.

Weigel, Wolfgang, (2011), Der verkehrspolitische Standpunkt (Warum der Personenverkehr der Eisenbahn ein Optionsgut ist), Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft, 56, issue 1, p. 4-6.

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