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Journal Articles 2012

Cuñat, Alejandro, with Melitz, Marc J., (2012), Volatility, Labor Market Flexibility, and the Pattern of Comparative Advantage, Journal of the European Economic Association, 10, issue 2, p. 225-254.

Dierker, Egbert, and Dierker, Hildegard, (2012), Ownership Structure and Control in Incomplete Market Economies with Transferable Utility, Economic Theory, 51, issue 3, p. 713-728.

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Kunst, Robert, with Prettner, Klaus, (2012), The Dynamic Interrelations between Unequal Neighbors: An Austro-German Case Study, Empirical Economics, 43, issue 2, p. 741-761.

Lancia, Francesco, with Prarolo, Giovanni, (2012), A Politico-economic Model of Aging, Technology Adoption and Growth, Journal of Population Economics, 25, issue 3, p. 989 - 1018.

Mayr, Karin, with Minter, Steffen and Krieger, Tim, (2012), Policies on Illegal Immigration in a Federation, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42, issue 1-2, p. 153-165.

Mueller, Dennis, with Gugler, Klaus, and Weichselbaumer, Michael, (2013), The Determinants of Merger Waves: An International Perspective, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30, issue 1, p. 1-15.

Mueller, Dennis, with Gugler, Klaus, Weichselbaumer, Michael, and Yurtoglu, Burcin, (2013), Market Optimism and Merger Waves, Managerial and Decision Economics, 33, issue 3, p.159-175.

Mueller, Dennis, with Peev, Evgeni, (2013), Democracy, Economic Freedom and Growth in Transition Economies, Kyklos, 65, issue 3, p. 371-407.

Müller, Wieland, with Boone, Jan, (2012), The Distribution of Harm in Price-fixing Cases, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30, issue 2, p. 265-276.

Müller, Wieland, with Huck, Steffen, (2012), Allais for All: Revisiting the Paradox in a Large Representative Sample, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 44, issue 3, p. 261-293.

Müller, Wieland, with Drouvelis, Michalis and Possajennikov, Alex, (2012), Signaling Without a Common Prior: Results on Experimental Equilibrium Selection, Games and Economic Behavior, 74, issue 1, p. 102-119.

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Müller, Wieland, with van der Heijden, Eline, Klein, Tobias J. and Potters, Jan, (2012), Framing Effects and Impatience: Evidence from a Large Scale Experiment, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 84, issue 2, p. 701-711.

Nermuth, Manfred, with Pasini, Giacomo, Pin, Paolo, and Weidenholzer, Simon, (2012), The Informational Divide, Games and Economic Behavior, 78, issue 1, p. 21-30.

Podczeck, Konrad, (2012), Ex-Post Stability of Bayes-Nash Equilibria of Large Games, with Guilherme Carmona, Games and Economic Behavior, 74, issue 1, p. 418-430.

Podczeck, Konrad, with Puzzello, Daniela, (2012), Independent Random Matching, Economic Theory, 50, issue 1, p. 1-29.

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Raffer, Kunibert, (2012), ’Managing’ Greek Debts: Catastrophe Masquerading as ‘Rescue’, Journal of Stock & Forex Trading, 1, issue 1.

Roessler, Christian, (2012), A Limit to Price-Increasing Competition, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 48, issue 2, p. 65-76.

Roessler, Christian, with Koellinger, Philipp, (2012), Entrepreneurship and Organization Design, European Economic Review, 56, issue 4, p. 888-902.

Schlag, Karl, with Zapechelnyuk, Andriy, (2012), On the impossibility of achieving no regrets in repeated games, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 81, issue 1, p. 153-158.

Shelegia, Sandro, (2012), Multiproduct Pricing in Oligopoly, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30, issue 2, p. 231-342.

Shelegia, Sandro, (2012), Asymmetric Marginal Costs in Search Models, Economics Letters, 116, issue 3, p. 551-553.

Shelegia, Sandro, (2012), Is the Competitor of My Competitor Also My Competitor?, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 21, issue 4, p. 927-963.

Shelegia, Sandro, with Spiegel, Yossi, (2012), Bertrand Competition When Firms Hold Passive Ownership Stakes in One Another, Economics Letters, 114, issue 1, p. 136-138.

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Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Suetens, Sigrid, (2012), The Gambler's Fallacy and Gender, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 83, issue 1, p.118-124.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Thöni, Christian and Wengström, Erik, (2012), Microfoundations of Social Capital, Journal of Public Economics, 96, issue 7-8, p. 635-643.

Wick, Katharina, with Heumesser, Christine and Schmid, Erwin, (2012), Groundwater Nitrate Contamination: Factors and Indicators, Journal of Environmental Management, 111, issue 2, p. 178-186.

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