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Journal Articles 2013

Cuñat, Alejandro, with Breinlich, Holger, (2013), Geography, Non-Homotheticity, and Industrialization: A Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Development Economics, 103, issue 1, p. 133-153.

Cuñat, Alejandro, with Fons-Rosen, Christian, (2013), Relative Factor Endowments and International Portfolio Choice, Journal of the European Economic Association, 11, issue 1, p. 166-200.

Grafeneder-Weissteiner, Theresa, with Prettner, Klaus, (2013), Agglomeration and Demographic Change, Journal of Urban Economics, 74, issue 1, p. 1-11.

Janssen, Maarten, with Parakhonyak, Alexei, (2013), Price Matching Guarantees and Consumer Search, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31, issue 1, p. 1-11.

Mayr, Karin, (2013), Immigration and Voting on the Size and the Composition of Public Spending, FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis, 69, issue 2, p. 135-147.

Mueller, Dennis, (2013), The State and Religion, Review of Social Economy, 71, issue 1, p.1-19. 

Mueller, Dennis, with Gugler, Klaus, Peev, Evgeni, and Segalla, Esther, (2013), Institutional Determinants of Domestic and Foreign Subsidiaries’ Performance, International Review of Law and Economics, 34, issue 1, p. 88-96.

Mueller, Dennis, with Gugler, Klaus, and Peev, Evgeni, (2013), Determinants of Ultimate Control of Large Firms in Transition Countries: Empirical Evidence, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 169, issue 2, p. 275-303.

Müller, Wieland, and Tan, Fangfang, (2013), Who acts more like a Game Theorist? Group and Individual Play in a Sequential Market Game and the Effect of the Time Horizon, Games and Economic Behavior, 82, issue 1, p. 658-674.

Nermuth, Manfred, with Pasini, Giacomo, Pin, Paolo, and Weidenholzer, Simon, (2013), The Informational Divide, Games and Economic Bahavior, 78, issue 1, p. 21-30.

Podczeck, Konrad, with Greinecker, Michael, (2013), Liapounoff’s Vector Measure Theorem in Banach Spaces and Applications to General Equilibrium Theory, Econ Theory Bull, 1, issue 2, p. 157-173.

Roessler, Christian, (2013), On Distance Metrics in Location Problems. Economic Inquiry, 51, issue 1, p. 1087-1099.

Schlag, Karl, with Van der Weele, Joel, (2013), Eliciting Probabilities, Means, Medians, Variances and Covariances without Assuming Risk Neutrality. Theoretical Economics Letters, 3, p. 38-43.

Schlag, Karl, with Galbiati, Roberto and Van der Weele, Joel, (2013), Sanctions that Signal: An Experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization94, issue 1, p. 34-51.

Schlag, Karl, with Gossner, Olivier, (2013), Finite-sample exact tests for linear regressions with bounded dependent variables. Journal of Econometrics, 177, issue 1, p. 75–84.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Mitra, Tapan, (2013), On Ramsey's Conjecture, Journal of Economic Theory, 148, issue 5, p. 1953-1976.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Pichler, Paul, and Niemann, Stefan, (2013), Central Bank Independence and the Monetary Instrument Problem, International Economic Review, 54, issue 3, p. 1031-1055.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Stark, Oded, and Wang, Yong, (2013), Migration and Dynamics: How a Leakage of Human Capital Lubricates the Engine of Economic Growth, International Review of Economics and Finance, 28, issue 1, p. 26-37.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Pichler, Paul and Niemann, Stefan, (2013), Public Debt, Discretionary Policy, and Inflation Persistence, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37, issue 6, p. 1097-1109.

Sorger, Gerhard, with Stark, Oded, (2013), Income Redistribution Going Away: The Reversal Power of the Concern for Relative Deprivation, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 86, issue 1, p. 1-9.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Cappelen, Alexander, Nielsen, Ulrik, Sørensen, Erik and Tungodden, Bertil, (2013), Give and Take in Dictator Games, Economics Letters, 118, issue 2, p. 280-283.

Vida, Peter, with Buenrostro, Lucia and Dhillon, Amitra, (2013), Scoring Rule Voting Games and Dominance Solvability, Social Choice and Welfare, 40, issue 2, p. 329-352.

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