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[1601] Mariya Teteryatnikova: R&D in trade Networks: The Role of Asymmetry, January 2016

[1602] Melis Kartal and James Tremewan: An offer you can refuse: the effects of transparency with endogenous confl‡ict of interest, March 2016

[1603] Wieland Müller with Ayse Gül Mermer and Sigrid Suetens: Cooperation in Indefinitely Repeated Games of Strategic Complements and Substitutes, March 2016

[1604] Paul Pichler and Gerhard Sorger: The value of commitment and delegation for the control of greenhouse gas emissions, June 2016

[1605Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo: Cooperation in Organization through Slef-Commitment Actions, June 2016

[1606] James Tremewan with Matteo Rizzolli: Hard Labour in the lab: Are monetary and non-monetary sanctions really substitutable?, June 2016

[1607] Maarten Janssen and Bernhard Kasberger: On the Clock of the Combinatorial Clock Auction, July 2016

[1608Gerhard Sorger with Partha Dasgupta and Tapan Mitra: Harvesting the Commons, December 2016

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