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[1801Philipp Hergovich and Monika Merz: The Price of Capital, Factor Substitutability and Corporate Profits, January 2018

[1802] Gerhard Sorger: Capital price bubbles and dynamic inefficiency, February 2018

[1803] Gerhard Sorger: On the dynamics of stock price bubbles: comments on a model by Miao and Wang, July 2018

[1804] Martin Wolf: Optimal Prudential Policy in Economies with Downward Wage Rigidity, August 2018


[1701Paul Pichler and Flora Lutz: Liquidity risk and financial stability regulation, April 2017

[1702] Owen Powell and Natalia Shestakova: The robustness of mispricing results in experimental asset markets, May 2017

[1703] Daniel Garcia: Dynamic Pricing with Search Frictions, May 2017

[1705Maarten Janssen and Santanu Roy: Regulating False Disclosure, May 2017

[1704Shinsuke Ikeda and Takeshi Ojima: Tempting Goods, Self-Control Fatigue, and Time Preference in Consumer Dynamics, June 2017

[1706] Simon Martin and Karl H. Schlag: Finite Horizon Holdup and How to Cross the River, September 2017

[1707] Bernhard Kasberger and Karl H. Schlag: Robust Bidding in First-Price Auctions: How to Bid without Knowing what Otheres are Doing, September 2017

[1708] Eeva Mauring: Informational Cycles in Search Markets, October 2017


[1601Mariya Teteryatnikova: R&D in trade Networks: The Role of Asymmetry, January 2016

[1602Melis Kartal and James Tremewan: An offer you can refuse: the effects of transparency with endogenous confl‡ict of interest, March 2016

[1603Wieland Müller with Ayse Gül Mermer and Sigrid Suetens: Cooperation in Indefinitely Repeated Games of Strategic Complements and Substitutes, March 2016

[1604Paul Pichler and Gerhard Sorger: The value of commitment and delegation for the control of greenhouse gas emissions, June 2016

[1605Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo: Cooperation in Organization through Slef-Commitment Actions, June 2016

[1606James Tremewan with Matteo Rizzolli: Hard Labour in the lab: Are monetary and non-monetary sanctions really substitutable?, June 2016

[1607Maarten Janssen and Bernhard Kasberger: On the Clock of the Combinatorial Clock Auction, July 2016

[1608Gerhard Sorger with Partha Dasgupta and Tapan Mitra: Harvesting the Commons, December 2016


[1501] Maarten Janssen and Sandro Shelegia:  Beliefs and Consumer Search, January 2015

[1502Sandro Shelegia and Daniel Garcia: Consumer Search with Observational Learning, January 2015

[1503] Maarten Janssen and Sandro Shelegia: Consumer Search and Double Marginalization, December 2014

[1504] Daniel Garcia, Jun Honda and Maarten Janssen: The Double Diamond Paradox, April 2015

[1505] Gerhard Sorger: Cycles and Chaos in the One-Sector Growth Model with Elastic Labor Supply, May 2015

[1506Maarten Janssen and Mariya Teteryatnikova: On the Positive Role of Negative Political Campaigning, May 2015

[1507] Sandro Shelegia with Christian Roessler and Bruno Strulovici: Collective Commitment, June 2015

[1508Mariya Teteryatnikova and James Tremewan: Stability in Network Formation Games with Streams of Payoffs: An Experimental Study, July 2015

[1509Mariya Teteryatnikova: Cautious Farsighted Stability in Network Formation Games with Streams of Payoffs, August 2015

[1510] Mariya Teteryatnikova with Harald Fadinger and Christian Ghiglino: Income Differences and Input-Output Structure, September 2015

[1511] Daniel Garcia and Joshua Sherman: Norms and Team Formation: Evidence from Research Partnerships, October 2015

[1512] Karl Schlag: Who gives Direction to Statistical Testing? Best Practice meets Mathematically Correct Tests, October 2015

[1513] Pavol Majher: Firm Entry and Exit, Investment Irreversibility, and Business Cycle Dynamics, October 2015


[1401] Karl Schlag, James Tremewan and Joel van der Weele: A Penny for Your Thoughts: A Survey of Methods for Eliciting Beliefs, January 2014

[1402] Ana B. Ania and Andreas Wagener: Decentralized Redistribution in a Laboratory Federation, March 2014

[1403] Karin Mayr, with René Böheim and Thomas Horvath: Birthplace diversity and productivity spill-overs in firms, August 2014

[1404] Owen Powell, with Natalia Shestakova and Dmitry Gladyrev: The Effect of Financial Selection in Experimental Asset Markets, August 2014

[1405Bernd Funovits: Implications of Stochastic Singularity in Linear Multivariate Rational Expectations Models, September 2014

[1406] Sandro Shelegia and Chris Wilson: A Utility-Based Model of Sales with Informative Advertising, September 2014

[1407] Owen Powell: Measuring mispricing in experimental markets, October 2014

[1408] Gerhard Sorger and Tapan Mitra: Non-cooperative resource exploitation by patient players, October 2014

[1409] Karl Schlag and Péter Vida: Believing when Credible: Talking about Future Plans, November 2014

[1410Sandro Shelegia and Joshua Sherman: When the Price You See Is Not the Price You Get: A Bargaining Study, November 2014


[1301] Gerhard Sorger and Tapan Mitra: On Ramsey's Conjecture, January 2013

[1302] Katharina Wick with Anja Breitwieser: What We Miss By Missing Data: Aid Effectiveness Revisited, March 2013

[1303] Martin Obradovits: Excessive Supplier Pricing and High-quality Foreclosure, March 2013

[1304] Francesco Lancia with Alessia Russo: A Dynamic Politico-Economic Model of Intergenerational Contracts, March 2013

[1305] James Tremewan with Chloé Le Coq and Alexander D. Wagner: Social Centipedes: the Role of Group Identity on Preferences and Reasoning, August 2013

[1306] Daniel Garcia with Joaquim Coleff: Information Provision in Procurement Auctions, September 2013


[1201] Karl Schlag and Olivier Gossner: Finite Sample Exact tests for Linear Regressions, February 2012

[1202] Christian Roessler and Sandro Shelegia: The Roman Metro Problem, March 2012

[1203] Mariya Teteryatnikova: Resilience of the Interbank Network to Shocks and Optimal Bail-Out Strategy: Advantages of "Tiered" Banking Systems, March 2012

[1204] Karl Schlag and James Tremewan: Simple Belief Elicitation, September 2012

[1205] Maarten Janssen and Mariya Teteryatnikova: Horizontal Product Differentiation: Disclosure and Competition, July 2012

[1206] Maarten Janssen and Sandro Shelegia: Consumer Search and Vertical Relations: The Triple Marginalization Problem, October 2012

[1207] Karin Mayr: Occupation-specific immigration quotas in political equilibrium, October 2012

[1208] Karin Mayr and Alexander Kemnitz: Return Migration and Illegal Immigration Control, December 2012


[1101] Karin Mayr: Immigration and voting on the size and the composition of public spending, December 2010

[1102] Maarten C.W. Janssen and Alexei Parakhonyak: Consumer Research Markets with Costly Second Visits, January 2011

[1103] Thomas Markussen, Louis Putterman and Jean-Robert Tyran: Self-Organization for Collective Action: An Experimental Study of Voting on Formal, Informal, and No Sanction Regimes, February 2011

[1104] Kenju Kamei, Louis Putterman and Jean-Robert Tyran: State or Nature? Formal vs. Informal Sanctioning in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods, February 2011

[1105] Syngjoo Choi, Shachar Kariv, Wieland Müller and Dan Silverman: Who Is (More) Rational?, January 2011

[1106] Egbert Dierker and Hildegard Dierker: Ownership structure and control in incomplete market economies with transferable utility, March 2011

[1107] Roberto Galbiati, Karl Schlag and Joel van der Weele: Sanctions that Signal: an Experiment, March 2011

[1108] Harald Fadinger and Karin Mayr: Skill-biased technological change, unemployment and brain drain, June 2011

[1109] Jan Boone, Wieland Müller and Sigrid Suetens: Naked exclusion in the lab: The case of sequential contracting, August 2011

[1110] Eline van der Heijden, Tobias J. Klein, Wieland Müller and Jan Potters: Nudges and Impatience: Evidence from a Large Scale Experiment, September 2011

[1111] Wieland Müller and Fangfang Tan: Who acts more like a game theorist? Group and individual play in a sequential market game and the effect of the time horizon, September 2011

[1112] Wieland Müller, Jeroen Hinloopen and Hans-Theo Normann: Output Commitment through Product Bundling: Experimental Evidence, November 2011


[1001] Mathias Staudigl: On a General class of stochastic co-evolutionary dynamics, February 2010

[1002] Mathias Staudigl: Potential games in volatile environments, February 2010

[1003] Stefano Demichelis, Tapan Mitra & Gerhard Sorger: Intergenerational equity and stationarity, March 2010

[1004] Mathias Staudigl & Simon Weidenholzer: Constrained Interactions and Social Coordination, March 2010

[1005] Simon Weidenholzer: Long-run equilibria, dominated strategies, and local interactions, May 2010

[1006] Romain Aeberhardt, Ines Buono & Harald Fadinger: Learning, Incomplete Contracts and Export Dynamics: Theory and Evidence from French Firms, July 2010

[1007] Mariya Teteryatnikova: Resilience of the Interbank Network to Shocks and Optimal Bail-Out Strategy: Advantages of “Tiered” Banking Systems, August 2010

[1008] Carlos Alós-Ferrer & Simon Weidenholzer: Imitation and the Role of Information in Overcoming Coordination Failures, September 2010

[1009] Oded Stark, Walter Hyll & Yong Wang: Endogenous Selection of Comparison Groups, Human Capital Formation, and Tax Policy, September 2010

[1010] Rupert Sausgruber & Jean-Robert Tyran: Are We Taxing Ourselves? How Deliberation and Experience Shape Voting on Taxes, October 2010


[0901] Ines Buono, Harald Fadinger & Stefan Berger: The Micro Dynamics of Exporting – Evidence from French Firms, December 2008

[0902] Adelina Gschwandtner & Val E. Lambson: Sunk Entry costs, Sunk Depreciation Costs, and Industry Dynamics, March 2009

[0903] Ulrich Gunter: Macroeconomic Interdependence in a Two-Country DSGE Model under Diverging Interest-Rate Rules, April 2009

[0904] Ana B. Ania & Andreas Wagener: The Open Method of Coordination (OMC), March 2009

[0905] Ngo Van Long & Gerhard Sorger: A dynamic principal-agent problem as a feedback Stackelberg differential game, April 2009

[0906] Michael Greinecker: Payoff-Relevant States in Dynamic Games with Infinite Action Spaces, April 2009

[0907] Karin Mayr & Giovanni Peri: Brain Drain and Brain Return: Theory and Application to Eastern-Western Europe, May 2009

[0908] Karin Mayr & Johann Scharler: Asymmetric Fiscal Stabilization Policy and the Public Deficit: Theory and Evidence, May 2009

[0909] Karin Mayr & Steffen Minter & Tim Krieger: Policies on illegal immigration in a federation, May 2009

[0910] Liliane Karlinger: Vertical Relations in the Presence of Competitive Recycling, June 2009

[0911] Chittawan Chanagul: Democracy and Economic Development, July 2009

[0912] Hans Gersbach &Gerhard Sorger & Christian Amon: Hierarchical Growth: Basic and Applied Research, July 2009

[0913] Klaus Prettner & Robert M. Kunst: The Dynamic Interrelations between Unequal Neighbors: An Austro-German Case Study, August 2009

[0914] Maarten Janssen, Paul Pichler & Simon Weidenholzer: Sequential Search with Incompletely Informed Consumers: Theory and Evidence from Retail Gasoline Markets, Oktober 2009

[0915] Jürgen Holl & Robert M. Kunst: Unit Root in Unemployment – New Evidence from Nonparametric Tests, October 2009

[0916] Manfred Nermuth, Giacomo Pasini & Paolo Pin: Price Dispersion, Search Externalities, and the Digital Divide, December 2009


[0801] Liliane Karlinger: Globalizing Tax Evasion: How Competition Affects the Size of the Underground Economy, May 2008

[0802] Liliane Karlinger: The Underground Economy in the Late 1990s: Evading Taxes, or Evading Competition?, June 2008

[0803] Liliane Karlinger: How Demand Information Can Destabilize a Cartel, February 2008

[0804] Manfred Nermuth: The Structure of Equilibrium in an Asset Market with Variable Supply, June 2008

[0805] Gerhard Sorger: Some notes on discount factor restrictions for dynamic optimization problems, February 2008

[0806] Jesus Crespo Cuaresma & Adelina Gschwandtner: Explaining the persistence of profits: A time-varying approach, June 2008

[0807] Konrad Podczeck: On existence of rich Fubini extensions, May 2008

[0808] Stefan NIEMANN, Paul PICHLER, Gerhard SORGER: Optimal fiscal and monetary policy without commitment, Juni 2008

[0809] Maarten C. W. Janssen & Vladimir a. Karamychev: On Bundling in Insurance Markets, July 2008

[0810] Maarten C.W. Janssen & Alexei Parakhonyak: Selection Effects in Regulated Markets, July 2008

[0811] José Manuel Gutiérrez: A Frictionless Economy With Suboptimizing Agents, September 2008

[0812] Johannes Holler: On the Role of Pension Systems in Economic Development and Demographic Transition, June 2008

[0813] Ferdinand Rauch: An explanation for the inverted-U relationship between competition and innovation, December 2008


[0701] B. Burcin Yurtoglu und Christine Zulehner: The gender wage gap in top corporate jobs is still there, Januar 2007

[0702] Paul Pichler: Forecasting with estimated dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models: The role of nonlinearities, March 2007

[0703] Elena Antoniadou, Christos Koulovatianos und Leonard J. Mirman: Strategic Exploitation of a Common-Property Resource under Uncertainty, Juni 2007

[0704] Johannes Holler: Pension Systems and their Influence on Fertility and Grwoth, Juni 2007

[0705] Christine Zulehner: Bidding behavior in sequential cattle auctions, September 2007

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