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Courses in English

On this page you find a list of courses our department offers in English. Most of these courses are for advanced undergraduates; some are also suitable for Ph.D. or QED students (possibly with additional requirements). In addition to this, we refer also to the courses offered for Business Students and for graduate students at the Institute for Advanced Studies.  

We try to keep the information on these courses (schedule etc.) up to date, but please do not rely entirely on the information provided here. It is always safe to
(i) read the course information sheets at the blackboard of the Department and/or
(ii) take a look at the list of Courses at our Department and/or
(iii) get the latest up-to-date information at UNIVIS-System and/or
(v) contact the lecturer directly.

In addition to the courses listed below, our department has two special graduate seminars:

Research Seminar (Wirtschaftstheoretisches Kolloquium): lectures by invited speakers.
Internal Seminar (Forschungsprivatissimum): graduate students and staff members present their work.
The following lists of courses is subject to changes. Please check this homepage regularly.

--Courses in SS 2014

--Courses in WS 2013

--Courses in SS 2013

--Courses in WS 2012

--Courses in SS 2012

--Courses in WS 2011

--Courses in SS 2011

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