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Economic thinking can be applied to many issues and economists offer advice and opinions to a broad range of topics. Below we list recent contributions to dissemination of research, public debate, interviews and public speeches of our faculty. Authors express their personal views.

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The media coverage of immigrant criminality: From scapegoating to populism

Stephanos Vlachos

Populists often claim that immigration is a threat to the interests of the majority. This column quantifies the extent to which the media coverage of immigrant crime fuelled populist political support in a Swiss referendum. It finds that disproportionate coverage of immigrant crime increased an anti-minaret vote by 5%.

VOX CEPR Policy Portal

Die Nobelpreise 2018: Wirtschaft

Paul Pichler

Arrivederci, bella Italia? Das italienische Dilemma

Martin Kocher

In Zeiten der Globalisierung lieber Menschen als Arbeitsplätze schützen

Martin Kocher

You can't always get what you want: The real exchange rate and manufacturing performance in a world of global value chains

Laura Alfaro , Alejandro Cunat , Harald Fadinger , Yanping Liu

Real exchange rate devaluations are typically seen as a viable development strategy, but the effectiveness of the approach may vary over time and across countries. This column explores this issue by focusing on the microeconomics of firm-level responses to exchange rate fluctuations. Results show varying patterns of responses to fluctuations by region and by import/export orientation. These results highlight the crucial role of a firm’s integration in global value chains.

10 years after the Lehmann collapse - Why are the shockwaves still being felt?

Alexander Ziegenbein

10 Years After the Lehman Collapse—Why Are the Shockwaves Still Being Felt?

Alexander Ziegenbein

Article on the long-lasting macroeconomic effects of the financial market disruptions of 2007-2008.

Published by BRINKS News, a digital news service on global economic affairs.


Die Mär von den enteigneten Sparern

Paul Pichler

Die Eurozone braucht zum Überleben strengere Regeln und mehr Solidarität.

Martin Kocher

Putting a price on prejudice

Jean-Robert Tyran

Workplace discrimination is expensive. When does it become too costly for the discriminator?

Report on Hedegaard and Tyran (2018): The Price of Prejudice, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 10:1 

American Economic Association

Große politische Akzente sieht man nicht

Martin Kocher
Der Standard

Der Bitcoin ist keine Erfolgsgeschichte

Paul Pichler

Auch Burgenländern Familienbeihilfe kürzen

Alejandro Cunat , Philipp Schmidt-Dengler
Der Standard

Politik muss Staatsschulden jetzt senken, um mehr Spielraum für die Zukunft zu schaffen

Martin Kocher

Eksperiment: Vælgerne gennemskuer ikke egoistiske politikere

Jean-Robert Tyran

Artikel über

"Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader. An Experimental Investigation of Political Selection" von Markussen, T. und Tyran, J.-R. 

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization  2017, 144: 204-18.

Interview mit Deutschlandfunk

Philipp Viktor Hergovich

Radio Interview mit Deutschlandfunk für die Rubrik Breitband

FM4 Connected

Philipp Viktor Hergovich

Radio Interview mit Christoph Weiss

Ö1 Morgenjournal

Philipp Viktor Hergovich

Radio Interview mit dem Ö1 Morgenjournal

Menschen sind nicht vollständig rational und eigennützig

Jean-Robert Tyran

Milliardengeschenke für die potenzielle Wählerschaft

Paul Pichler

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