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Journal Articles 2016

Ania, Ana B., and Wagener, Andreas, Decentralized Redistribution in a Laboratory Federation, Journal of Urban Economics, 93, issue 1, p. 49-59.

Cunat, Alejandro, with Breinlich, Holger, Tariffs, Trade and Productivity: A Quantitative Evaluation of Heterogeneous Firm Models, Economic Journal, 126, issue 595, p. 1660-1702.

Janssen, Maarten, with Karamychev, Vladimir, Spiteful Bidding and Gaming in Combinatorial Clock Auctions, Games and Economic Behavior, 100, issue 1, p. 186-207.

Janssen, Maarten, and Teteryatnikova, Mariya, Competition and Disclosure of Comparative or Non-comparative Horizontal Product Information, Journal of Industrial Economics, 64, issue 4, p. 589-620.

Kunst, Robert M. and Jumah, Adusei, Optimizing Time-Series Forecasts for Inflation and Interest Rates Using Simulation and Model Averaging, Applied Economics, 48, issue 45, p. 4366-4378.

Mueller, Dennis C., Tullock, Gordon, Economic Gadfly, Constitutional Political Economy, 27, issue 2, p. 112-23.

Lancia, Francesco, and Russo, Alessia, Public Education and Pensions in Democracy: A Political Economy Theory, Journal of the European Economic Association, 14, issue 5, p. 1038-1073.

Tremewan, James, with Fišar, Miloš, Kubak, Matuš, and Špalek, Jiri, Gender Differences in Beliefs and Actions in a Framed Corruption Experiment, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 63, issue 1, p. 69-82.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Huck, Steffen, Lünser, Gabriele, and Spitzer, Florian, Medical Insurance and Free Choice of Physician Shape Patient Overtreatment. A Laboratory Experiment, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization131, issue 1, p. 78-105.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Cappelen, Alexander W., Nielsen, Ulrik H., Tungodden, B., and Wengström, Erik, Fairness is Intuitive, Experimental Economics, 19, issue 4, p. 727-740.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Andersson, Ola, Holm, Hakan, and Wengström, Erik, Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Fact or Fiction?, Journal of the European Economic Association, 14, issue 5, p. 1129-1154.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Suetens, Sigrid, and Galbo-Jørgensen, Claus Bjørn, Predicting Lotto Numbers: A Natural Experiment on the Gambler's Fallacy and the Hot Hand Fallacy, Journal of the European Economic Association, 14, issue 3, p. 584-607.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Huck, Steffen, and Lünser, Gabriele K., Price Competition and Reputation in Markets for Experience goods: An Experimental Study, Rand Journal of Economics, 47, issue 1, p. 99-117.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Andersson, Ola, Holm, Hakan, and Wengström, Erik, Deciding for Others Reduces Loss Aversion, Management Science, 62, issue 1, p. 29-36.

Tyran, Jean-Robert, with Markussen, Thomas, and Putterman, Louis, Judicial Error and Cooperation, European Economic Review89, issue 1, p. 372-388.

Wagner, Alexander K., with Achtziger, Anja and Alos-Ferrer, Carlos, The Impact of Self-Control Depletion on Social Preferences in the Ultimatum Game, Journal of Economic Psychology, 53, issue 1, p. 1-16.

Wagner, Alexander K., with Alos-Ferrer, Carlos, Granic, Dura-Georg and Kern, Johannes, Preference Reversals: Time and Again, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52, issue 1, p. 65-97.

Wick, Katharina, with Breitwieser, Anja, What We Miss By Missing Data: Aid Effectiveness Revisited, World Development, 78, issue 1, p. 554-571.

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