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Elsinger, H., Schmidt-Dengler, P., & Zulehner, C. (2015). Competition in treasury auctions. (CEPR Discussion Paper Series; No. No.10983).

Majher, P. (2015). Firm entry and exit, investment irreversibility, and business cycle dynamics. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No.1513).

Garcia, D., & Sherman, J. (2015). Norms and team formation: Evidence from research partnerships. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No.1511).

Carluccio, J., Cunat, A., Fadinger, H., & Fons-Rosen, C. (2015). Offshoring and skill-upgrading in French manufacturing: A Heckscher-Ohlin-Melitz view. (CEPR Discussion Paper; No. No.10864).

Fadinger, H., Ghiglino, C., & Teteryatnikova, M. (2015). Income differences and input-output structure. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No.1510).

Gugler, K., Weichselbaumer, M., & Zulehner, C. (2015). Analysis of mergers in first-price auctions. (CEPR Discussion Paper Series; No. 10799).

Teteryatnikova, M. (2015). Cautious farsighted stability in network formation games with streams of payoffs. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No.1509).

Pennerstorfer, D., Schmidt-Dengler, P., Schutz, N., Weiss, C., & Yontcheva, B. (2015). Information and price dispersion: Theory and evidence. (CEPR Discussion Paper ; No. No. 10771).

Fink, N., Schmidt-Dengler, P., Stahl, K. O., & Zulehner, C. (2015). Registered cartels in Austria - an overview. (WIFO Working Papers; No. 501).

Teteryatnikova, M., & Tremewan, J. (2015). Stability in network formation games with streams of payoffs: An experimental study. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No.1508).

Powell, O. (2015). Measuring mispricing in experimental asset markets. (SSRN (Social Science Research Network)).

Shelegia, S., Rössler, C., & Strulovici, B. (2015). Collective Commitment. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No.1507).

Raffer, K. (2015). Debts, human rights, and the rule of law: Advocating a fair and efficient sovereign insolvency model. (Initiative for Policy Dialogue Working Paper Series).

Janssen, M., & Teteryatnikova, M. (2015). On the positive role of negative political campaigning. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No. 1506).

Garcia, D., Honda, J., & Janssen, M. (2015). The double diamond paradox. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No. 1504).

Powell, O., & Shestakova, N. (2015). Experimental asset markets: Behaviour and bubbles. (SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)).

Janssen, M., & Shelegia, S. (2015). Beliefs and consumer search. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. No. 1501).

Schlag, K., & Vida, P. (2015). Believing when credible: Talking about future plans and past actions. (Discussion Paper Series of the SFB/TR 15 - Governance and the Efficiency of Economic Systems; No. Nr.517).

Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 23