Working Papers


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Mauring, E. (2017). Informational cycles in search markets. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. 1708).

Cunat, A., & Zymek, R. (2017). International value-added linkages in development accounting. (ESE (Edinburgh School of Economics) Discussion Papers; No. 281).

Garcia, D. (2017). Dynamic pricing with search frictions. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No.1703).

Janssen, M., & Roy, S. (2017). Regulating false disclosure. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No.1705).

Powell, O., & Shestakova, N. (2017). The robustness of mispricing results in experimental asset markets. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No. 1702).

Lutz, F., & Pichler, P. (2017). Liquidity risk and financial stability regulation. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. No. 1701).

Martin, S., & Schlag, K. (2017). Finite Horizon Holdup and How to Cross the River. (Vienna Economic Papers; No. 1706).

Showing entries 0 - 9 out of 9