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Janssen, M., & Atayev, A. (2019). Information acquisition and diffusion in markets. CEPR Discussion Paper Series No. 14036

Wolf, M. (2019). Pecuniary externalities in economies with downward wage rigidity. Vienna Economics Papers No. 1905

Hedegaard, M., Kerschbamer, R., Müller, D., & Tyran, J-R. (2019). Distributional Preferences Explain Individual Behavior Across Games and Time. Working Papers in Economics and Statistics, University of Innsbruck No. 2019-09

González-Jimenez, V. (2019). Contracting Probability Distortions. Vienna Economics Papers No. 1901

Couttenier, M., Hatte, S., Thoenig, M., & Vlachos, S. (2019). The Logic of Fear - Populism and Media Coverage of Immigrant Crimes. Centre for Economic Policy Research CEPR. CEPR Discussion Paper Series No. DP13496

Sausgruber, R., Sonntag, A., & Tyran, J-R. (2019). Disincentives from Redistribution: Evidence on a Dividend of Democracy. Discussion papers / Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen No. 19-08

Showing entries 1 - 14 out of 14