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Janssen, M., & Atayev, A. (2019). Information acquisition and diffusion in markets. (CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) Discussion Paper; No. 14036).

Exler, F. (2019). Personal bankruptcy and wage garnishment. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. 1908).

Lutz, F., & Zessner-Spitzenberg, L. (2019). Sudden stops and reserve accumulation in the presence of liquidity risk. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. 1907).

Hedegaard, M., Kerschbamer, R., Müller, D., & Tyran, J-R. (2019). Distributional Preferences Explain Individual Behavior Across Games and Time. (Working Papers in Economics and Statistics, University of Innsbruck).

Vlachos, S. (2019). On war and political radicalization. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. 1904).

van der Klaauw, B., & Ziegler, L. (2019). A field experiment on labor market speeddates for unemployed workers. (IZA Discussion Paper Series; No. 12140).

Ania Martinez, A. B., & Wagener, A. (2019). Laboratory federalism with public funds sharing. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. 1902).

González-Jimenez, V. (2019). Contracting Probability Distortions. (Vienna Economics Papers; No. 1901).

Couttenier, M., Hatte, S., Thoenig, M., & Vlachos, S. (2019). The Logic of Fear - Populism and Media Coverage of Immigrant Crimes. (CEPR Discussion Paper Series DP13496). London, UK: Centre for Economic Policy Research CEPR.

Kamei, K., Putterman, L., & Tyran, J-R. (2019). Civic Engagement as a Second-Order Public Good. Department of Economics, Brown University.

Showing entries 0 - 13 out of 13