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Janssen, M., & Kasberger, B. (2016). On the Clock of the Combinatorial Clock Auction. Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1607

Lancia, F., & Alessia, R. (2016). Cooperation in Organization through Self-Commitment Actions. Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1605

Tremewan, J., & Rizzolli, M. (2016). Hard Labour in the lab: Are monetary and non-monetary sanctions really substitutable? Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1606

Mermer, A. G., Müller, W., & Suetens, S. (2016). Cooperation in Indefinitely Repeated Games of Strategic Complements and Substitutes. Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1603

Tremewan, J., & Kartal, M. (2016). An offer you can refuse: the effects of transparency with endogenous conflict of interest. Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1602

Teteryatnikova, M. (2016). R&D in trade Networks: The Role of Asymmetry. Vienna Economics Papers No. No.1601

Dasgupta, P., Mitra, T., & Sorger, G. (2016). Harvesting the Commons. Working paper / The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) No. 1608

Heim, S., Hüschelrath, K., Schmidt-Dengler, P., & Strazzeri, M. (2016). The impact of state aid on the survival and financial viability of aided firms. ZEW Discussion Papers No. 16_035

Showing entries 1 - 15 out of 15