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Costantini, M., Gunter, U., & Kunst, R. (2014). Forecast combinations in a DSGE-VAR lab. IHS economics series : working paper Vol. 309

Markussen, T., Putterman, L., & Tyran, J-R. (2014). Judicial Error and Cooperation. Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

Huck, S., Lünser, G., Spitzer, F., & Tyran, J-R. (2014). Medical Insurance and Free Choice of Physician Shape Patient Overtreatment: A Laboratory Experiment. Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialwissenschaften (WZB). Discussion papers / Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen No. No.14-19

Cappelen, A. W., Nielsen, U. H., Tungodden, B., Tyran, J-R., & Wengström, E. (2014). Fairness is Intuitive. NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

Hedegaard, M., & Tyran, J-R. (2014). The Price of Prejudice. Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. Discussion Papers, University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics No. No. 14-09

Schmidt-Dengler, P., Hünermund, P., & Takahashi, Y. (2014). Entry and Shakeout in Dynamic Oligopoly. Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW). ZEW Discussion Papers Vol. DP 14-116

Janssen, M., Parakhonyak, A., & Parakhonyak, A. (2014). Non-reservation price equilibria and consumer search. Basic research program working papers. Series: Humanities No. WP BRP 51/EC/2014

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 23